Bruno Muratori Cornici | The Shop
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The Shop


Our family and its laboratory have been committed to the art of restoration for generations. We offer expertise in all aspects of lacquering and gilding ancient and modern wood and we are specialized in reproducing all kinds of antique frames both on demand and custom- made.


Each of our frames is entirely handmade, from construction and gilding up to decoration and ageing. These stages of the work vary according to the different style of the frames that are built using the techniques of the time to which the style belongs. We can also share our expertise to realize our customers’ projects. We can change or decorate your furniture with lacquering, gilding and silvering. We can cooperate and create tailor-made models, (also at auction), ideal for frame sellers that will have unique items in their laboratories.


In the last decades we have been cooperating with the best antique dealers and collectors, always satisfying their needs and demands. We provided our services to the Vatican where I worked continuously for seven years establishing a relationship of mutual gratification.


We supplied our frames to prestigious museums, public institutions and ministries such as the Court of Auditors and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, always showing reliability and dedication. In all these years quality and beauty have always been our main purpose and we carry on our work in order to keep the high standards that distinguish the history and the taste for art of our country.